History of the Fund

The GLADIATOR FUND was founded in 1989.

Close friends of ours, Chris and Kate Butz had given birth to a baby boy, Chris.

There were complications at birth. Little Chris had multiple medical problems, requiring immediate intervention by many different members of the Hospital staff. So when little Chris turned 3 years old, all of Chris and Kate Butz's friends and the New Hyde Park Community and the Alumni of New Hyde Park Memorial High School held a Benefit Dinner/Dance in the Spring of 1990 at the Knights of Columbus of New Hyde Park, to raise money to help pay for little Chris's therapy and treatment.

240 friends and family members of the Butz's turned out for a very special child in our community.

We raised $5,000.00 to give toward little Chris's treatment.

After that event, I was approached by several other young parents in New Hyde Park who had disabled children. They asked if we could assist them. How could we say "no"? The Gladiator Fund has grown since that year, and has since held a Dinner/Dance or Golf Outing each year for 30 disabled children in New Hyde Park.